Thermal Anemometer

Measuring airspeed - thermal anemometer in use

Airspeed is a value which may be of importance in many areas. The focus here is above all on values in a ventilation duct, but it may also make sense to carry out an airspeed measurement inside rooms. The use of an anemometer is helpful here. The anemometer is also referred to as a wind speed meter. However, it is not just a case of using it to measure wind speed, it can also record the volume flow. Many anemometers therefore have an integrated flow meter. The air flow velocity and the volume flow inside rooms have an influence on the indoor air quality. Regular measurement is all the more important, because influencing factors are involved here which are in most cases impossible to detect at first sight.

If you want to buy a thermal anemometer, the following features are particularly useful:

  • timed mean value calculation
  • combination of temperature, flow and volume flow measurement
  • hold functions