Testo Saveris U1 - Radio probe with current/voltage input

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The testo Saveris U1 radio probe / analog coupler allows the inclusion of other measurement parameters in the testo Saveris monitoring system, by integrating all transmitters with standardised current/voltage interfaces (e.g. 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V).

This is the solution for highest accuracy and for special applications (high humidity, trace humidity, etc.) in compressed air, drying and air conditioning technology as well as in cleanroom applications.

The testo Saveris U1 radio probe / analog coupler has a data memory for 6,000 readings.

Please note: Saveris converter V 2.0 (order no. 0572 0218) is required for integrating Saveris radio probes into systems with base firmware V 1.X. For more information please contact your Testo partner.

Delivery Scope

testo Saveris U1 radio probe with a current/voltage input, radio frequency 868 MHz.

  • Integration of many additional measurement parameters besides temperature and humidity

  • Standardised interfaces for easy integration

  • Flexible wireless data transfer

  • High level of data security thanks to built-in rechargeable battery

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