Testo Lux Measurement Instruments

Luxmeters from Testo: fast, reliable, high-precision

Illuminance and light distribution have a crucial influence on factors such as performance and occupational safety. With a Testo lux meter, you ensure optimum interior light conditions. Typical fields of application for routine light measurement with a Testo lux meter are as follows:

  • Illumination in the workplace and in public buildings.
  • Light distribution in exhibitions and museums.
  • Lighting for machines on production lines.
Lux meter

Measuring lux with the photometer – how does that work?

The luminous power (unit: lumen) between a light source and the area illuminated by it is measured using the lux (lx) unit. The illuminance is exactly one lux when luminous power of one lumen (lm) uniformly illuminates an area of one square metre. A lux measuring instrument is referred to as a lux meter or also as a photometer.