Testo Digital Manifolds - Valve Replacement Kit

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Valve positioners for all manifolds currently on the market are subject to mechanical wear. Use the valve replacement kit to get your digital manifold from Testo working again really quickly.
Replacing the valve positioners is really easy and can be carried out independently on site. With the valve replacement kit, you can replace two valve positioners - on the high pressure and low pressure side or at the two middle connections on the digital manifold. Please order another kit if you would like to replace all 4 valve positioners.

Order-Nr.  0554 5570

Delivery Scope

  • 2 valve positioners
  • 2 threaded spindles
  • 2 valve screws
  • 2 locking split pins
  • 2 valve positioner covers black
  • 1 valve positioner cover red
  • 1 valve positioner cover blue
  • 1 adhesive for thread locking
  • Immediate valve positioner replacement on site

  • Valve replacement kit for two valve positioners

  • Compatible with testo 549, testo 550, testo 557 and testo 570

Use the valve replacement kit to replace valve positioners on digital manifolds from Testo. Particularly useful: you can replace the valve positioners yourself – directly on site.