Testo 317-1 Gas Spillage Detector

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The testo 317-1 flue gas spillage detector reliably detects escaping heating gases. The practical instrument immediately gives off a visual and audible alarm. It is therefore not necessary to actually see the detector. The bendable probe facilitates applications in confined areas.

  • Reliable recognition of escaping flue gases
  • Bendable measurement probe for points which are difficult to access
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • DVGW approved


Gas leaks on heating systems can quickly become a problem, because breathing in poisonous gases leads to health risks or even a risk of death. For instance, carbon monoxide harbours a particular hazard because it is colourless and odourless, but poisonous. Carbon monoxide arises when the combustion of substances containing carbon (oil, gas , solid fuels, etc.) is incomplete.

The use of professional measuring technology is recommended when there are gas leaks. The testo 317-1 back pressure indicator quickly and reliably detects escaping heating flue gases. Flue gas leaks in the area of combustion plants indicates a malfunction or blockage of the flue gas paths.

The handy instrument immediately gives an optical and acoustic alarm when gas is escaping. This means no visual contact with the measuring instrument is needed. The flexible probe even enables use in the tightest spaces or in inaccessible areas.

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testo 317-1 - Gas Leak Detector with flexible probe and battery

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