Penetration / Infrared Thermometers

Penetration thermometers to meet every challenge

Probe thermometers are designed specifically for measurement in liquids and viscoplastic media (meat, fish, dough, etc.). For instance, insertion into yoghurt or milk packaging enables the real core temperature of the product to be determined. This measuring method is very accurate and reliable and is therefore a good method for making an absolutely certain statement about the temperature status of the goods. However, the disadvantage is that a product that has been "pierced" can no longer be sold and therefore must either be processed as quickly as possible or disposed of.

Penetration thermometer

Multi-function probes

These probes can however be used to take air measurements as well, if the measuring instrument is given sufficient time to adjust to the air temperature. Practical: penetration probes can always be used as immersion probes too. In this way, the insertion thermometer becomes an immersion thermometer.

A Testo probe thermometer offers you the following

  • Robust construction
  • Precise results
  • Intuitive handling