Air Velocity

Air velocity measurement in ducts and at outlets

Air-conditioning and ventilation systems only truly function efficiently when air or volume flows in ducts and at outlets meet the specifications. With the versatile testo 440 kits, you can now take care of both measuring tasks more conveniently.
  • Intuitive measurement menus
    Clearly structured menus for volume flow in ducts and at outlets, K factor and Pitot tube measurement are programmed into the measuring instrument.
  • Convenient measurement
    Telescopes with easy-to-read scaling make it really convenient to work in ducts.
    They can also optionally be extended up to 2 m.
  • Versatile accessories
    Use the telescope to reach ceiling outlets with ease. The funnels are perfect for plate outlets.
    Use the air flow straightener to measure turbulent flows with precision.
  • Intelligent calibration concept
    Only the probe heads need to be calibrated. You can carry on working with the measuring instrument, handle and another probe.

testo 440 duct measurement
testo 440 measurement at outlets with a telescope and vane
testo 440 measurement of turbulent air flow with vane, funnel and flow straightener